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The RS-100 EC and RS-200 EC scales are devices specifically designed to automatically weigh rounded vegetables (potatoes, onions, beets, etc.). They have a maximum capacity of 60 pounds and meet the needs of weighing and bagging standard amounts of vegetables ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds.

With easy transportation by forklift, the RS-100 scale is composed of a reception tank, two pallet conveyors, a valve system, a weighing system, a funnel, a seat and a bag holder. Each of these elements is easy to use due to the programmable controller, which requires little maintenance. The RS-200 balance has two twin units as described above.

The average speed is 5 bags / min (50 pounds) or 18 bags / min (10 pounds) providing an operating flexibility covering most production needs

The minimum clearances required for scale installation are:

  • RS-100 EC 130 inches long x 66 inches wide x 95 inches high
  • RS-200 EC 130 inches long x 95 inches wide x 95 inches high

These devices are not bulky and are easily transportable with casters that are included on the support structure.


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