AFS’s agricultural division is at the core of our company’s foundation, and has existed since the company’s inception. A quality approach has been taken since day one, with client satisfaction as our number one priority. We are currently a Canadian leader in packaging systems and our products are now sold in the United States as well.

Today, the company specializes in packing systems and the packaging of garden produce: washing, sorting, inspecting, calibrating, storing, and conditioning.

We manufacture a number of products such as: baggers, sewing systems, inspection tables, barrel washers, churns, calibrators and holding bins. We are also an importer/ distributor of existing products that have proven themselves, and are sold in Eastern Canada.

With our experience gained over the years, we are able to design and manufacture a complete line of packing and packaging products. To this effect, we have a design service that will look at your plans on site, put them to scale and then present projects that can help you in your decision making process.

Contact one of our representatives and he or she will be pleased to meet with you to discuss your project and help you in your decision making process. Thereafter, you will be able to go about your business, leaving the manufacturing of your equipment to us. You will be dealing with only one person who will be fully dedicated to the design and construction of your project. As manufacturers, we can advise you on possible scenarios to maximize your investment and to avoid costly production errors.