Since 1993, AFS has been working in the metallurgical domain. We have expanded by subcontracting or working directly with companies in the field of aluminum in the mining sector and papermaking in the industrial and commercial construction fields.

AFS is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of mechanically welded industrial pieces.

  • Welding and machine work
  • Manufacturing and installation of equipment
  • Steel structures and elaborate metals

Our client approach is based on partnership. We do our best to ensure your satisfaction by using all the skills we possess while providing you with a personalized service. Also, we operate with one project manager who will manage your entire project.

We also work in the industrial construction sector:

  • Frames and structural elements (light metallic frames)
  • Construction mechanics
  • Ironwork (building locksmith)

We can put a complete team of skilled and versatile workers at your service, including designers, project managers, welders, machinists, and more.

We design and manufacture custom products that meet the expectations of our clients.

Finally, we use every tool necessary to complete your project, big or small. Allow us to assist you in meeting the challenges you face. We know you will appreciate our reliability and skill.