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The sewing system is a device designed to automatically sew several bag sizes (5-50 pounds). Its bagging capacity is 35 to 40 bags (5 to 10 pounds).

The industrial sewing system model DS-900 CN uses NEWLONG mill model DS-9C. This type of equipment is used to sew large volumes of bags, NEWLONG mills are known for their reliability and quietness of their guillotine knife system with air cylinder. The robust construction of the sewing system gives a consistent long term performance.

The main components of the sewing system are: a mill, a trainer, a conveyor, a mat and a power control unit to adjust the height of the conveyor.

The minimum clearances required for installation of a sewing system are 60 inches long, 38 inches wide and 68 inches high.

This is a compact and easily transportable unit with casters attached to the support structure.


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