After accumulated experiences in machinery and project management in various companies, Roger Rivard decided in 1993 to start his own agricultural machinery manufacturing company: AFS. The company’s beginnings were modest but thanks to the hard work of his team and the continuous concern for client satisfaction, the company now occupies a prominent place in the potato packing market in North America. The AFS products are now being sold in Eastern Canada (including the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and PEI) and in the United States.

It wasn’t the result of chance that brought Roger Rivard to the potato industry. Actually, he grew up around it, as his own father, Arthur Rivard produced potatoes for forty years. It was with observation and participation in the production of potatoes combined with his experience with machinery and project management that AFS was created.

AFS has a complete team of technicians who design high performance equipment and a skilled workforce to build equipment of superior quality.

In addition to the agricultural machinery manufacturing sector, AFS is also very active and recognized in the industrial manufacturing sector.

AFS employees are proud to belong to this large family. The future is bright for this company, who wishes to maintain its reputation for quality while constantly facing new challenges.