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The paper distributor is a device that is specially designed to deliver paper bags that are sewn automatically. The performance of the equipment is 16 bags per minute with the formats of 5, 10, 15 and 20 pound containers of round vegetables. To obtain these different bag formats, the BP-100 has adjustments that change positioning speeds, with little manipulation of the system. The BP-100 consumes 15 CFM.

The paper agent model BP-500 allows it to operate with formats of 50 pounds.

The paper agent has six major systems: bag storage, carriage displacement, bag filling system, mill, electrical system and structural adjustment system.

The BP-100 and BP-500 can be used with the packer RS-200 EC made by AFS or installed on other types of packaging machines made by other manufacturers. The BP-100 and BP-500 are easy to handle because of the swivel casters installed on its structure. In addition, the quality of the various components used to manufacture this device, make the equipment highly reliable. The BP-100 and BP-500 have a very reliable NEWLONG mill with an integrated pneumatic knife system which provides instant cutting.

All parts are made in North American, which reduces the cost of after-sale service as well as, problems with the availability of parts.

Finally, the BP-100 and BP-500 operate with a reduced workforce, allowing for cost-effective equipment.


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